WordPress Plugins and Themes Guides for Beginners

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for building all kinds of websites for years and its popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down.
This doesn’t come as a surprise because the team behind WordPress constantly improves the platform and also makes it more and more extendable with plugins and themes while making sure it is still easy to use. You might have heard of its famous 5-minute installation and I can confirm that they are not making it up.

Although WordPress became famous as a blogging platform, it is now usable for pretty much any type of website with a plethora of customization possibilities. There are countless plugins inside the WordPress repository that extend its functionality and a limitless selection of themes and templates that define the feel and look of your website.

With all this choice of plugins and themes, it can be overwhelming for beginners to decide which plugin or theme to choose for the desired results. There are also new plugins and themes added every day, so it can be hard to follow all the novelties in the WordPress world.
That is why I have created this subtopic on my website. To help people decide which are the best WordPress plugins to achieve the desired website functionality. In this section, I will also try to recommend quality WordPress themes that are SEO friendly, fast, and easy to customize.

Latest plugins and themes Recommendations