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RuneSword 2
After the popularity of RS1, we were looking to take the next step. Fortunately, the wonderful folks at Shrapnel agreed to pick us up as we began work on RuneSword 2. It was released September 4th, 2001. Included this time were several requested features like support for animation and enhancements to the editor. Some features:

• Completely new interface with large scale item pictures
• MP3 Sound track
• Full motion video support (AVI and MPEG)
• 4 New Adventures to play!
• New Tome Wizard function that generates adventures better than ever
• 12 races
• 40+ skills including many new combat skills
• 50+ spells in 6 spellcasting schools
• Skinable interfaces and Dice Set --- and you can make your own!
• 156 Page Manual (and no fluff!)
• 90 minutes of Tutorial Videos (SEE how to make adventures)
• An improved random generator, new full-text Trigger editor and more!
• Support for combat animation!

This one was originally published through Shrapnel Games for several months and costs some bucks. But although it may have had a price tag on it, many people took us at our word and kept CrossCut Games in business. Thanks to all of you, we're able to continue making "great games against the grain."

System Requirements
O/S: Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000
CPU: Pentium 166 Mhz
Memory: 32Mb RAM (64Mb recommended)
Available Hard-Disk Space: 100Mb
Audio System: 100% Windows Compatible Sound Card
Video System: 16 bit color or better
Input Devices: Mouse

RuneSword 2 is now open source. Visit the home page at Runesword Source Forge. You can download the entire game, including the source code and documentation.

File size is 21.0 MB (22,069,505 bytes)

RuneSword 2 Open Source (Source Forge)

And there's lots more including new tomes and sundry objects for RuneSword 2! Check out the RuneSword Forums for the latest.