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Distribution and Retail
Alliance Games
Alliance offers the largest selection of Hobby Games products of any distributor in the US - a full line distributor with an extensive selection of Role-playing Games, Collectible Card Games, Miniature Games, Anime, Board Games, Brushes, Paints, Dice, and Hobby Accessories.

Brown Box, Inc.
Distributor of games from many publishers, such as Fantasy Flight Games, Mayfair Games, Rio Grande Games, and Z-Man Games. They are also proud to be an authorized distributor of Columbia Games, Lock 'n Load Publishing, and PHI Sports Games.

JKLM Distribution
JKLM 'n' Pevans Distribution Limited (JKLMnP for short) distributes games to retailers in the UK and Europe. They handle a large range of publishers from the UK, USA and Europe. The company has taken over the distribution businesses of JKLM and Margam Evans.

Troll and Toad
Largest Magic the Gathering retailer in the world specializing in selling CCGs, especially those that are out of print. They also carry an extensive line of rpg's, gaming supplies, board games, video games, miniatures, clix, and more!

Fan Sites
RuneSword 3000
The site dedicated to sci-fi and future worlds in RuneSword. Building high-tech content for the game.

Ultima: Tales from Ancient Sosaria
The Avatar lives! He's working on maps and Tomes to bring several worlds to life.

Runes of Horror
Cthulhu F'taghn! A fansite dedicated to all things Cthulhuan, horrible, and dark in the world of the Runesword CRPG creation system. Enter if you dare....

RuneSword Resources
Various articles, images, etc. for use with RS creations. Read the article on Magic. It's very cool.

The Eternal Project
Welcome to the Eternal Project, the always evolving, unofficial sourcebook for Runesword's Eternia game setting. The goal of this web site is to help the Runesword Creator community to build its own body of information concerning Eternia.

RuneSword Wiki
The intent of this collection of pages is to create a single location for the the Runesword community to collaberate on building source material for the Eternia setting.

Other Sites
Talisman Island
This link is worth its weight in Bags of Gold. Not only is it the authoritative site on fan made Talisman expansions, but the dang link moves around so much. If you can click from there to there, it'll be like rolling Random and getting something good for a change.

Wikipedia: Talisman
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, hosts a site for Talisman as well. As with all that is Wiki, you can add to the info! So go, click and contribute.

Classic Gaming
ClassicGaming.com's mission is to reunite gamers with their favorite games of old, allowing them to once again enjoy classic games via emulation. Cool!

Official Angband Home Page
First there was hack. Then there were other hacks. Angband is the best of them all. Based on J.R.R.'s world, this is the most addictive freeware game with a long and glorious history --- dating back to 1985.

Computer RPG Museum
The best Classic Fantasy RPG and Adventure archive on the 'net. For completely nostalgic purposes, the site has carefully compiled lists of all pre-1990 computer adventure and RPG games that could be found, as well as adventure and RPG gamebooks from this era. Know thyself!

The Underdogs
How many times have you pined away for the good old days of computer games? Don't just dream it, go and see. The Underdogs have the games and the books just like you remember them. Only it isn't anything like you remember them.

Fantasy Flight Games
I just like these guys. They make me smile with their continual push for good gaming. And they have a Collectible Card Game based on George R. R. Martin's wonderful books. Support the small guys!

Funagain Games
This is the site that got me back into board games. Read the reviews, order the games. You'll find hours of happiness away from your keyboard.

RPG Host
RPG Host is a huge archive and resource site for traditional role-playing gaming. From their huge collection of role-playing programs, maps, adventures, and rule supplements to their large RPG links database to all their free services for site hosting and promotion, even a newsletter as well as a discount hobby store - RPG Host is a class act.

The oldest web site devoted to RPGs, WebRPG is the internet source for role playing game information, tools, products, and resources. Vast reference and links.

Massive links to support the RPG community including regular columns, great forums, regular articles, the latest news and cutting-edge analysis into the world of RPGs.

The Great Netbook Archive
You want the real material? Get thee hence to The Great Netbook Archive. This site is a virtual library of huge manuals, reference material, compendiums, and more. Grist for the mind's mill.